Tax Deduction Cheatsheet

This is a Digital Product (E-Guide)

Are you paying too much in taxes?
Are you wanting a complete guide on tax deductions? Here it is!

Let's face it! The IRC (internal revenue code) is long, boring and confusing! Here is the secret, the IRC not only serves its purpose as a way to collect tax revenue for the government, but also helps the IRS incentivice certain economic activities, of which include: real estate investing, contributions to retirement accounts and small business ownership.

In this guide you will get a listing of over 105 tax deductions and expenses for your entity along with a profit and loss template.


Tax Deduction Cheatsheet

This is a Digital Product (E-Guide)

When me and my husband (a real estate investor and private aviation professional) started investing in real estate almost 10 years ago, we were completely unaware of the many advantages that this vahicle has to offer. I wrote this book so that other people don't miss the opportunity to have their money work for them.

In this guide you will get the following:

  • What qualifies as rental income?
  • All rental expenses.
  • Detailed explation on rental deductions
  • Repairs vs improvements
  • Personal Use of Rental Property—Roommates and Boarders


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